A La Carte Menu - December 2011

Also see our daily Prix Fixe menu, available from noon until 7.00pm Monday to Friday, Saturday noon until 5pm
Single course £10.00 / 2 courses £13.00 / 3 courses £16.00

Head Chef, Mark Hands, menus use the best seasonal and where possible local produce to bring to your plate these wonderful dishes.

Bread & Bites  

  • Freshly baked bread board, herb butter £3.50 (V)
  • Giant Picholine olives on crushed ice £3.00 (V)
  • Black pudding turnover, piccalilli £3.00
  • Serrano ham and cornichons £3.25
  • Goats cheese eclairs, mocha balsamic  £3.00  (V)
  • Caramelised red onion houmous, harrisa oil, flatbread £3.25 (V)


  • Soup - Soup du jour, olive and rosemary crostini  £4.50 (V)
  • Tandoori - Tandoori chicken breast and wing, Bombay potatoes, lime yoghurt,  warm flatbread £6.75
  • Scallops - Seared scallops, crab fish finger, chilli tomato fondue, herb salad £8.95
  • Salmon - Home-cured beetroot Scottish salmon, horseradish creme fraiche, salmon Scotch egg, sour dough and honey crackers £6.95
  • Cheesecake - Pequillo pepper and goats cheese, lemon beurre noisette sand, black olive paint, edible garden £5.95 (V)
  • Duck Terrine - Pressed duck confit terrine, gingerbread crumbs, pear and ginger preserve £6.50
  • Pear - Caramelised poached pear, toasted brioche, blue cheese curd, Manuka honey and salted fried walnuts £5.95 (V)(N)
  • Panna cotta - Prawn panna cotta, king prawns, pink grapefruit, avocado oil, rye bread £6.95

Main Courses

  • Bass - Seared sea bass fillet, herbed risotto, wilted baby gem, lemon and prawn veloute £15.95
  • Pork - Confit of pork, Colcannon potato cake, buttered curly kale, apple and sage £14.95
  • Wild mushroom - Open lasagne of wild mushrooms, porcini oil, herb salad £12.95 (V)
  • Salmon - Seared fillet of salmon, crab cake, Asian greens, lemon grass, chilli and seafood broth £14.95
  • Venison - Venison pastrami steak, goat’s cheese Dauphinoise, spiced red cabbage, black berry and sloe gin £16.50
  • Duck “a l’orangé” - Cardamom spiced duck confit, celeriac Dauphinoise, orange toffee carrots, bitter orange jus £14.95
  • Tart Tatin - Caramelised winter squash tart tatin, white onion puree, truffled black trumpet mushrooms, herb salad £12.95 (V)
  • Chicken - Poached breast of free range chicken, crisp gnocchi “patatas bravas”, chorizo crisps and rocket £14.95


  • Fillet - 8oz Scottish fillet steak, cooked sous vide, flash seared until caramelised and served pink throughout with chubby chips, horseradish-slaw and Béarnaise £22.95
  • Rib Eye - 28 day aged 8oz rib eye steak with chubby chips, horseradish-slaw and Béarnaise £19.95
  • Surf & Turf - 28 day aged 8oz rib eye steak, gambas in garlic butter with chubby chips, horseradish-slaw and Béarnaise £21.95

All our red meats are served pink unless requested otherwise

Side Dishes

  • Triple cooked chubby chips, Maldon salt £3.00
  • Rocket, aged Parmesan, balsamic £3.00
  • Greens, leeks and peas £3.00
  • Gratin dauphinoise £3.00
  • Spiced red cabbage £3.00


  • Chocolate - White chocolate brûlée, chocolate soil and tuile, mocha balsamic £6.50
  • Lemon meringue - Lemon meringue cheesecake, limoncello, coconut sand, lemon curd £6.00
  • Tart - Baked prune and Armagnac egg custard, nutmeg ice cream, salted cashew cracknel £6.00
  • B.F.G - White and dark chocolate Black Forest chocolate box, cherry compote, griottines, kirsch syrup £6.50
  • A plate of marshmallows - Edible bag of marshmallows (raspberry, blueberry and sour cherry) minted chocolate matchmakers, chilli chocolate fondue £6.00
  • Christmas pudding - Warm mulled plum pudding, Christmas pudding ice cream, cinnamon foam, holly tuiles  £6.00


3 cheese selection £6.95   All 6 sharing board £13.50

Served with mulled apple chutney, celery, grapes, quince jelly, rye bread and crackers

  • Dolcelatte - A blue veined Italian soft cheese with a sweet finish
  • Whitmore - Unpasteurised ewes milk cheese that is handmade in Newcastle-Under-Lyme
  • Shropshire Blue - A classic English blue cheese with a distinctive orange colour
  • Staffordshire Organic Cheddar - Rich full flavoured mature organic
  • Cornish Yarg - Wrapped in nettle leaves, creamy under the rind and crumbly in the core
  • Bosworth Ash - Unpasteurised goats’ cheese rolled in salted ash beneath a layer of white rind

Our food is made freshly on the premises and may contain traces of nuts; therefore we are unable to guarantee that any product is nut free. For allergy advice or to inform us of any special dietary requirements please speak with your host when you order.

Please note that as all our food is freshly cooked there may be a 30 minute delay during busy periods if only a main course is ordered.